Current Events

Amateur Radio Testing

Next Sesssion January 14th 9:00AM
American Legion Post 119
4561 Greenstone Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667
Fees $14
Contact Ken, W6KWV 530-642-9523

Next Club Meeting

In person meeting
Tuesday, January 17th at 7:00PM
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office
200 Industrial Drive Placerville, CA 95667

The July meeting had a good turnout despite the heat.   Lots of good discussions were going on before the meeting started.   We showed off the final dicission for the new club bages.  Thank you Doris K0BEE.










Our Field Day Coordinator, Roger, W66AHU gave an update to the Field Day results and thanked all the participants.  





We announced the Big Hill SOTA/POTA club event for Saturday, Aug20th starting at 10am.  Jay, KE6GLA and Jordan, WC6J gave an overview of SOTA and POTA operations.  

sota logoWC6J Sota



We had another successful Field Day at the Windmiller Farms in Apple Hill.  In addition to Field Day, we also held our postponed holiday dinner on the Friday evening before Field Day.   The dinner had 51 participants and was catered by Back 40 Texas Bar-B-Q.  Everyone had enjoyed the meal and conversation and several lucky participations walked away with a door or raffle prize.

Field Day started with several technical difficulties to overcome.  The band conditions were very poor the entire weekend and we had trouble keeping a consistent QSO rate.  Most of our operators made a few contacts.  We had official visits from our Section Manager Carol KP4MD and Frank KG6GWY the Communications Director for El Dorado County Sherrif.


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At our May 2022 Meeting Bob, W1RH presented the history of Amateur Radio Call Sign issuing.   Steve, W1SRD played some audio of phone pileups he observed from his TX5N Raivavae, Austral Islands operation.   The radio club also elected its officers for the next year.

President  Jay Harmor  KE6GLA 
 Vice President  JR Harmon  K6LBP
 Secretary  Susan Keale  KM6NFP
 Treasurer  Nancy Harmor KG6PNP 
 Director  Tony Miller  W6QA
 Director  Bob Hess W1RH
 Director  Alan Thompson W6WN 
 Director Don Brooks  KG6YST
Director Jordan Heichman WC6J
Director Doris Wong K0BEE
Repeater Trustee Bob Hess W1RH
Director Jeremy Dean W6TKD

We had a good turnout in person and on Zoom for the April 2022 Meeting.   We discussed up-coming elections for the radio club.  We also took a poll of those interested in having our holiday dinner on Friday June 24th, the evening before Field Day.  The poll showed good support for the proposal.   We had two speakers for the evening Jordan WC6J who showed his work to restore a 1980's Fluke multimeter and Todd Crawford, who educated us on what frequencies we should me monitoring in El Dorado County.  We ended the meeting with a few people being luck enough to walk away with some raffle prizes. 

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20220426 194225