147.825 MHz (- offset) (pl 82.5) High level repeater with the transmitter located on Mt. Danaher near Camino, CA and several voting receivers located throughout the county.

147.975 MHz (- offset) (pl 82.5) Low level repeater located in El Dorado Hills, linked to 147.825. Covers  El Dorado Hills Blvd, Silva Valley Parkway and EDH Town Center with handheld radio.

52.78 MHz ( - offset) (pl 107.2) High level repeater located on Bald Mountian near Georgetown, CA.  Linked to 147.825 MHz during nets and events.

441.725 MHz (+ offset) (pl 82.5) Low level repeater located near Lotus, CA linked full time to 147.825 MHz
EchoLink node AG6AU-R #668182

224.060 MHz (- offset) (pl 127.3) Located on Pine Hill has great coverage of El Dorado and Sacramento County

927.2375 MHz (- 25 offset) (pl 127.3) Located near Rescue, CA

927.2750 MHz (-25 offset) (pl 127.3) Located on Bald Mt


Repeater Trustee
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Other Area Repeaters

146.805 MHz (- offset) (pl 123.0) KA6GWY High level repeater in El Dorado County primary SAR